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Here, we'll aim to address any common questions or concerns that may arise during the process of creating your wedding video.

We work as a team, which means we share the workload. Depending on the date of your wedding, either I will be there personally, or one of my colleagues - Carlos or Alberto - will attend. It's important to note that I never hire random people to shoot weddings. Instead, we always work as a close-knit team, both for weddings and other projects we take on. You can trust that whoever is with you will be fully capable and committed to capturing your special day perfectly
We usually start about three hours before the ceremony begins. First, we spend about 45-60 minutes with the groom, then about an hour and a quarter with the bride. This gives us enough time to work calmly and capture shots of the location before the ceremony, as well as to prepare the audio system for recording vows or speeches. Please note that if the preparation and ceremony venues are different, we will need to plan the time to move from one place to the other and find parking. Once the dancing starts, we usually stay for about an hour, which gives us enough time to capture great shots of your guests having fun on the dance floor. Our total working time is typically about 9-10 hours. However, if we need to work longer due to the circumstances of your wedding, we would charge a little more for the extra hours.
Recording a wedding is a technically complex job that involves preparing an audio system to capture speeches and ensuring that all cameras and accessories are set up correctly. The minimum team required to record a wedding is two people; for the best results, we strongly recommend hiring two cameras. This allows us to capture a wider variety of shots and create a more dynamic and engaging video. It also helps us to manage our time efficiently by covering different areas simultaneously. Additionally, with two cameras, we can operate a drone and always have one camera on the ground. That said, we understand that there are people who prefer a smaller crew, so we offer filming with one filmmaker. But keep in mind that with only one cameraman, the video will be shorter and there are things we won't be able to record.
Drone shots can add a cinematic touch to the video, but we believe that a few well-placed shots are enough to enhance the overall production. Please note that while operating the drone, we cannot record with any other camera. To ensure we capture every moment, we offer two options: with our ADVANCED package, you will have two videographers who can operate the drone while keeping another camera on the ground. This way, we can record all the important scenes without missing a thing. If you want more extensive drone coverage, such as during the ceremony entrance or the photo session, we offer an exclusive drone pilot with our PRO package, who will be present for up to 3 hours before the ceremony.
Once the wedding is over, I make sure to save all the duplicate footage onto several hard drives, as well as an encrypted online storage, to ensure that everything is safely backed up. Then, the editing process begins, which is the most important part of any audiovisual project. This is when we give rhythm, character, and emotion to the material that was captured. It’s slow and delicate work, and in video editing circles, it is often said that one minute of editing can take up to one day of work. On average, the turnaround time for editing is usually around 3 to 4 months.
Using a mix of music and ambient sound is a great way to create a more immersive experience in the video. Having the sounds of the wedding day mixed in with the music can really help to capture the atmosphere and emotions of the day. It’s also a good idea to have a selection of songs provided by the couple to use as inspiration for the soundtrack, as these songs often hold special meaning to them. However, ultimately the choice of music should be left to the editor, as they have the expertise to select music that will fit well with the footage and help to tell the story of the day. If there is live music at the wedding, incorporating snippets of it into the final video can also be a great way to add a unique and personal touch.

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